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CRSPIA Mission

The mission of CRSPIA is to support California State Parks, including Cuyamaca Rancho State Park by providing educational and interpretive activities as well as funding exhibits, building improvements and trails to enhance the experience of our visitors.





Points of interest in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

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The Dyar House

Today we resurrect the past, To serve and protect in the future


Dyar HouseThe Dyar House at Cuyamaca Rancho SP. Built, Gone, but Rising Anew! We of the CRSPIA BOD understand any such rebuild or restoration will require constant and ongoing communication with CSP, starting with discussion with the Sector Superintendent. Before the overall process of rebuilding can even be initiated, there is much groundwork AKA pre-work that must be initiated and continued as the rebuild progresses. As a board we are aware will need to work more with local politicians and agencies, work more with other local interest groups, work more through the committee process, and with various contractors and subcontractors involved in the effort. Dyar House








Cuyamaca Park Store

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There is no better place to pick up gifts and support your park, than the Cuyamaca Park Store.










What you Can Do

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Donate funds to CRSPIA. Your donations are tax deductible and CRSPIA uses them to support park activities.

Join CRSPIA and become a park partner.

Volunteer to help maintain park trails and campgrounds.

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