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A Note from the President at C.R.S.P.I.A.

We have had an exciting summer with many educational and interactive experiences.  We held several interpretive programs including the Raptor Society, Kruisin’ Kritters, and the Star Hunters.  Visitors were able to interact and learn about different species and conservation. 
One of the great benefits of being a part of CRSPIA is our interactions with other organizations, friends and volunteers.  We were overjoyed at the great turnout for the Mounted Assistant Unit benefit ride.  Many great prizes were given, and the new credit card terminal was a success.
After having an amazing summer, we are moving on to what can only be an exceptional fall.  We have some sensational events planned.  The Mountain Bike Assistant Unit will be holding a benefit in October.  All proceeds from the benefit will be used by CRSPIA for park enhancement.  Another event is the Palomar Apple Fest.  Join in the fun, picking apples and eating tasty treats.
As a final note, CRSPIA Board elections will be held in November.  We are currently accepting  submissions for those interested in joining the board.  Please submit a brief statement of interest to the board secretary. 
We are looking forward to many new and exciting experiences including the Heritage Festival.  Hope to see you there!

Thank you,

Serena Hill      


Our Mission

  Cuyamaca Rancho State Park Interpretive Association's mission is to support Cuyamaca Rancho and Palomar Mountain State Parks. As an IRS registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, CRSPIA uses your tax deductible donations to provide these parks with interpretive and educational materials that normal funding channels may not be able to supply.


06/29/14 Notice to hikers, campers and Horse riders, the well at Granite Springs Trail Camp has run dry.  There is no water available at this Trail Camp.  Anyone hiking to this area is advised to take enough water for your hike up and back.  There is no water for horses.

Monarch Butterflies spend the summer in C.R.S.P.

They may be found wherever you find a stand of Asclepias plants (any variety works.)
The larva cannot survive without this host butterfly plant.

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Photos by Julielle (except as otherwise noted. Monarchs found in a private garden near C.R.S.P.'s border.)                                              

A Note About our Website. Thank you for visiting!  It is our goal to provide you with current and relevant information about CRSPIA and the Park through our Website. 

Message from Webmaster:

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